Red Rock Canyon - Winter Storm
Slieve League Panoramic
Mountain Moon
Oasis Reflection
Tunnel View
Lightning Strike
Moonlight Buttress
Strawberry Hedgehog
Joshua Tree at Sunset
Bubble Before Waterfall
Stars Above Camp
Colorado River
Cactus Flower
Ancient Tide
Red Rock Canyon - Sunrise
Portrait of an Elder
Pinnacle Cave
Red Rock Canyon Panoramic
The Great Escape
Moon & Cholla
Dried Thistle
Mt. Kinesava
Stars Above Spring Mountains
Half Dome
Super Moon
Crescent Moon

The natural world is the most impressive reservoir of beauty known to man and is tirelessly available for creative interpretation.  It is a place of wonder that encourages perception and a youthful curiosity to be best appreciated, even if never fully understood.  Exploring nature is an essential quality of life, one rich with experiences more important than things and happenings.