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The Tombstone
Intruder 5.11+
The Madness 5.13c
Desert Shield 5.7 C3
Chrysler Crack 5.9
All You Can Eat 5.15a
Paradise Lost 5.13b
Tissue Tiger 5.12b
The Madness Cave
The Ice Pit WI5
Clear Light Cave 5.12a
Synapse Collapse 5.11d
Cave Route 5.10
Space Shot 5.7 C2
Rainbow Country 5.12d
The Hose Monster - Pitch 3
Sometime Direct 5.10d
Pente 5.11-
Beelzebub 5.11
Cat in the Hat 5.6
Cloud Tower 5.12a
The Hose Monster - Pitch 1
White Man's Overbite 5.13b
Solo - Self Portrait
Jungle Wall 5.11b
Straight Shooter 5.9
Steep Thrills 5.12a
Zenyatta Mondatta VI 5.6 A4
Brinton's Crack 5.6
Glass Hummingbird 5.11b
The Fox 5.10d
Sandstone Ice
Cherry Crack 5.9
Crimson Chrysalis 5.8
Cloud Tower 5.11d/5.12a
Beelzebub 5.11
Yin & Yang 5.11-
Sour Mash 5.10a
Desert Shield 5.7 C3
Sandstone Ice
Lucky Nuts 5.9

Climbing provides me with the greatest overlap of all my passions. Exploring into the great outdoors, confronting personal challenges, and thinking creatively in tough environments all come together and embody a powerful experience. The pursuit of climbing has also helped heighten my self awareness and confidence while exploring large landscapes and vertical environments.

Rock & Ice Climbing

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